Louvre backing panels

Louvre backing panels


Product Description

Constructed from 1.5mm aluminium sheet.
Standard RAL or BS colours. Anodizing to special order. 


Single skin blanking panels 

Insulated sandwich panels comprising two skins of aluminium and Styrofoam insulation. Various thickness’ of insulation are available to suit individual U value requirements. Phenolic foam may be incorporated to decrease the U value. 

Tray panels comprising blanking panel to the louvre face and pressed metal inner fully concealing the insulation core. 

Panels can be provided with cut outs or plenum box to the customers bespoke requirements. 


Demountable panels are screwed to the louvers. This enables removing for the attachment of mechanical ventilation equipment. Permanent panels are fixed to the louvres with rivets. If requested, these can be silicone sealed. 

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