The entrance and frontage of a large superstore, small corner shop or any office or business premises, creates a first and often lasting impression.

Our attractive shopfront systems create a modern, fresh and professional appearance on any high street, retail or business park.

With sleek sight lines and vast colour options promoting a light airy environment attracting customers in store or welcoming visitors to business premises.

The system offers a proven cost effective solution for retail frontages and ground floor treatments, developed to provide a high quality answer to maximise design options and minimise complexity of fabrication and installation.

All major profiles are 100mm deep. Face dimensions are 45mm for single glazing and 50mm for double glazing.

Specific profiles for 90degree, 135degree and variable angled corners are available together with shuffle glaze and fully bead glazed options to easily accommodate facades with individual requirements.

All framing is mechanically jointed using stainless steel or plated self tapping screws into integral screw ports extruded within the body of the section.

Jointing is by butt joints with applied sealants to protect against water ingress. This allows multi-panel facades to be factory assembled in modules and transported to site for final installation.

Our ground floor systems may be single or double glazed. Double glazed profiles accept units up to a thickness of28mm. Watertight glazing is achieved using gaskets to ensure maximum performance and minimum in- service maintenance. Gasketry is manufactured in accordance with BS3743 and glazing should be carried out in accordance with BS6262.

Specially designed framing profiles have been developed to minimise sight lines and accept modern automatic opening swing or sliding door mechanisms as well as rebate profiles and fabricated door closer covers to complement our range.

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