IKL50 Barrier louvre

IKL50 Barrier louvre


Product Description

Designed to cover areas where fall from height is an issue. 58.7 x 10mm elliptical straight sided, or double wall louvre, extruded aluminium blades, fitted into a variety of outerframes with stainless steel screws. 

  • Outerframechoice varies depending on application.
  •  All projects are assessed individually.
  • Pitch —can be varied project specific. 
  • Blade angle —can be varied project specific. 
  • Maximum free area varies depending on blade angle and pitch. 
  • Standard RAL or BS colours. Anodizing to special order. 

Product Testing

(based on elliptical blade) 
Impact resistance to BS EN 13049:2003 achieving Class 5  Wintech Test report R14340-2
Wind resistance to BS EN12211:2000 and BS EN 12210:2000 achieving Class 4
Tested project specific to 2210 pascals.  
Wintech Test report R14340-3
Impact resistance sample 1000 x 2500, 60mm pitch 45 degree angle
Wind resistance sample 1200 x 2850, 60mm pitch 45 degree angle

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